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who needs a good laugh today?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by punkrockmom, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. punkrockmom

    punkrockmom Registered Member

    Apr 5, 2008
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    MadTown WISCOnSin
    So yesterday im taking a nice, well deserved AM nap and i get a phone call from my daughters school. Of course, my mind starts to race. The office has called to inform me that my 8 year old daughter was out at first recess and, on a dare, decided to stick her tounge to a metal basket ball post and had gotten STUCK!! :eek: Yes yes, i know what you are going to ask, "was she watching a christmas story?" No she had not. So, they had to take warm water to unstick her from the basket ball post and skin had come off so she was bleeding profusely from the mouth and felt that it may be in her best interest for me to pick her up from school.

    My husband had taken the car to work so i call him and tell him what happens and he is laughing so hard that i can hear the tears rolling down his cheeks. Just bring me the fucking car so i can go get her.

    I arrive at the school and the office ladies are trying to gauge my reaction and i start to laugh and ask "where is she?" they direct me to the health room where I see the principal standing there grinning from ear to ear and My daughter sitting on the cot with her tounge wrapped in gauze, her curly hair frizzed from her hat, her tiny face still rosy from the cold and ONE red streak on her left cheek from where she had gotten slight freezer burn from her tears. Oh and she went full on this pole, her botom lip was all puffy, apparently that had gotten stuck as well.
    fucking great

    I look at her and say "Tanis, you asked me last week what would happen if you stuck your tounge to a metal pole and what did I say?" to which she replies "you ded id would ged duck" remember she has her tounge wrapped..."Yes, I told you it would get stuck and you put your tounge on a metal pole and what happend?" I asked. her reply in a very cute yet very sheepish voice was "id god duck" yes yes tanis that is right, it got stuck.

    So her principal tells me that they managed to stop the bleeding and that tanis can go back to class, so i gathered her bloody gloves and coat and headed back home shaking my head and laughing. Only to me.
  2. flow

    flow Regular Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    LOL, that's awesome, i love kids.. thank you for sharing.
  3. millyionnnn

    millyionnnn Junior Member

    Jan 22, 2008
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    lol thats was a good story ......having children you never know what your going to get or whats going to happen. I guess thats the joy of seeing them developed. Nice share punkrockmom
  4. comparco

    comparco Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2008
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    trying to make a living online
    Poor wee soul, I hope she is OK. Kids eh, she will no doubt bounce back in a flash ready to give you tons more heartache.
    However on an earn online theme. The difference between winners and losers, are that winners are never spectators, they are players.
    For years I sat back on the net waiting for the perfect course, application or ebook. It never arrived.
    I was only successful when I jumped in and started doing, making mistakes, and having the courage to do so.
    SO thank you Tanis, for teaching us we will never learn by just reading, watching, or hearing, we have to DO!!!

    And for god sake keep her away from electrical sockets or open fires lol :)

    happy holidays