Who is your blackhatworld MVP?

They are all banned
sharing her coconut with me recently
What coconut are you talking about, UFF my dirty mind :|
I have a damaged heart from drugs and alcohol.

Zwielicht is the legendary administrator! And the legendary member!

Who's good too? Maybe splishsplash. Oh he's gold poster. Combine his knowledge with lucky.sparks and it's funniest learning experience ever.

I would like them as teachers at school haha

I like macdonjo3 too. Cool guy.

I forgot to give GringoMonkey a follow. Just did it now.

Itz_styx is helpful too with his insights.

Some other members banned now.

Everyone on this little list has something to do with technology or building online business. They have all achievements under their belts. Plenty of them.

You connect some bits of one guy with bits of other guys and after some time you're thinking by yourself. I can build a company in my head after reading those people. Moved my imagination in the right direction!
In short, you can tell me you don't like me :/
I can't name all the lovelies here it'll be too long. You know who you are <3.

Kudos to @SilverClouds for sharing her coconut with me recently.
Awww, thank you.

If not bhw I probably wouldn't be on this adventure, literally staying at bhw member's house now and soon moving to one near him. Bhw neighbours lol.
Positivity breeds more positivity, this thread is our way of highlighting the real MVPs among us.
We all read incredible stories of a service or guide posted on BHW becoming a gamechanger for our treasured websites. Because they were showing a completely new approach, the service was absolutely top quality or just helped to grow by being kind & helpful

Ever crossed paths with a member here whose advice or service didn't just promise, but truly delivered? Let's shine a light on those gems.
  • Who's services or advice was a gamechanger for you?
  • Share the impact: Briefly, how did their input change the game for you?
Let's keep the positive vibes rolling and showcase the best of BHW!
Love this!
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