Who is using ClickBank?

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    Got a product, thinking of putting it on ClickBank and give out 50% comission (a little under $40), and was wondering... do I have to install something to my site in order for CB to get activated? Or how does the whole process work?

    Also, I wont be providing anything to the affiliates... They have to do their own site, etc...

    ALSO... Would it be "wise" to create a second site.
    What I mean by that is... I have my money site, which I do on my own. and create a fully identical site that will be for affiliates. Since Im pretty sure they'll do blackhat, and my site will get screwed, so running the risk of losing my money site, i rather lose the other one. identical one.
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    You need to offer 50% minimum but 70% and higher gets more people trying to promote it if it is new and not proven yet.

    ClickBank will give you the code and direction for the things you need to do.

    This is a BIG mistake if you use ClickBank. So many affiliates trying to use ClickBank have no clue on how to build landing pages that convert. The ones that do are most likely already promoting their own products.

    Most of the people that look for affiliates do not even try to SEO the site. Their entire business plan is built around affiliates so it doesn't matter if the landing page, sales page or main site is even indexed.

    All the traffic is driven to the site via affiliates only.

    There are exceptions to the rule but usually one will either self promote or affiliate promote, not both.

    I hope this helps.
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    Congrats on selling first of all!

    Nothing is needed to install on your site from CB other than setting up the
    payment link for your sales.
    The process goes something like this with CB:
    - setup your CB account
    - complete pitch page according to their TOS
    - make a test payment
    - complete marketplace description, and product details on CB
    - apply for approval through CB

    That's basically it, then you're off to selling. ;)

    No I don't think it's a good idea to build a different site for affiliates. If you wanted
    you could have a separate landing page optimized for affiliates. I can't see
    anyone losing their site from affiliates sending "BH" traffic or "BH" linking or otherwise.....
    I believe you'd be okay! GL with your new product man

    to clarify: your pitch page should already be optimized for affiliate traffic, often with a different page
    for affiliate sign ups, with tools for the affiliates to help them be successful.
    Find some successful CB products and check out their pages and you'll see what I'm saying.

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