Who is the best provider of Google Ads?


Aug 23, 2014
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hello guys

Please share your experiences with Google Ads account providers
I need a provider that accepts usdt payment
We spend about $30,000 a month

Apart from the account provider, the most important aspect is whether you are capable enough of handling / operating Google Ads accounts in an effective manner. Here, "effective manner", refers to the ability of NOT pissing off the algorithms of Google Ads. So, even if an account provider provides you an account in good working order, there on, the success or failure of an account working, or not working, is in your hands.
Do remember, that in 99% of cases where a Google Ads account suspension reason shows as due to suspicious payment, in reality it has NOTHING to do with payment / card / vcc / billing.
But, why am I mentioning this ? I am clearly mentioning this, because when people see account suspension reason shows as due to suspicious payment, they wrongly think that it is due to payment / card / vcc / billing and hence they keep on doing the same mistakes again and again in further accounts and keep getting their accounts suspended, non-stop.
I repeat, when you see account suspension reason shows as due to suspicious payment, in 99% of such cases, the real reason of account suspension, has NOTHING to do with payment / card / vcc / billing, BUT it has to do with the campaign setup or (and) landing page having pissed off the algorithms of Google Ads.
If you're asking here, you're technically looking to get scammed. It will cost you some good money to filter and find a proper provider. Take a look at theShit list board and do your due diligence. Good luck!
Какого поставщика счетов или платежного решения вы ищете?
Мы предоставляем все услуги «под ключ», начиная от аккаунтов Google Ads от лицензированных рекламных агентств и заканчивая платежными решениями VCC.
Вы рекламируете White Het или Black Het? Смело обращайтесь к нам, мы всегда открыты к работе

English language please.
What kind of account provider or payment solution are you looking for?
We provide all turnkey services from Google Ads accounts from licensed advertising agencies to VCC payment solutions.
Are you advertising White Hat or Black Hat? Feel free to contact us, we are always open to work
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