Who Has A Little Fun Every Once And Awhile?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by trushafty38, Aug 8, 2009.

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    I have many Hats, Including a black one.
    My rep is ruined! lol
    So today I have worked a stright 14 hours so far on my computer (im still going). I haveslowly building up a few FB profiles( on the side) so that I can work some magic with them. Usually I get mail from people I friend request. "hey do i know you ?" or " im sorry have we met" "your last name sounds familiar but can you refresh my memory" you know the jazz. Well Usually I just ignore the questions and let them drift off and let them become nothing. Today for some reason. I felt like answering one. Made me laugh (maybe its because I am tired) anyways here goes.

    Share anything you wish ITT about similar occurances. Ill Post his response later on.

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    what is this "fun" you speak of?
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    haven't done that.. .but did do this..

    Friend of mine had the hots for this girl... she was a close friend (buddy girl, no romance with me) and we both knew about my friends lusting nature.

    So one night we were all on a road trip, he went to bed (frustrated) and she and I went up the roof of the motel (no we didn't "do it"), but what we did was I grabbed her ankles and held her as she leaded way over the edge, then down, down, till she was able to rap on the balcony window of my friend's room.

    Of course I pulled her up (it was risky, but not death defying) and we waited for the punch line (my bud opening the balcony window and coming out to see what was up).

    He came out, but didn't see us... just an empty balcony and the sky above.

    We did it a few times, kept him up and frustrated. Later that night I went to bed (alone) and I think my buddy scored. It was fun while it lasted.