Who converts best your leads in PPS? [adult business]

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    I think such topic wasn't on table before, so question is:
    (especially for all making $500+/daily due to better sample they have)

    what network best converts your leads to PPS? (give your top 3 by free to paid ratio)

    To be precise what I am asking: There is a lot of networks out there: aff,adl,cl,cr,ufi,etc,etc. Guys who are longer time in business usually deliver leads to to various networks or deliver to one network which they change time by time, so such members are most credible to give they "view" of this question.
    Again, according to your experience and sample volume list your TOP 3 networks by HIGEST lead : pps conversion rate (if you want post that rate if you don't just post rank)

    I will start:
    1) ADL
    2) LC
    3) UPFI
    (forgot to say:this is for 2013, so don't give data from past, just from beginning of this year)
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