Who can tell me how i can make money by internet ?


Jul 15, 2015
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My name is Manuel Benitez, I am from Venezuela, and i would want know how make money by internet.

I have searched everyday methods for make money by internet, but i dont found one that really work.
and i need it because in my country every time is more hard live, i am computer engineer i work in a company but my salary is not enough to live.
I dont have family, i live only with my mother, and she is ill, she is diabetic, finally, i need make money with paypal, i dont have dollars, i dont have experience in work by internet. i have not left of my country, i dont have account bank in dollars, nothing, i have only a account in paypal and with 0 dollars.
then i need really that you tell me one methods that really work.

Sorry for my english, is regular, and i hope that you can understand me. it is that i am desperate, if i can make 100 dollars per month that would help me a lot. in venezuela a dollar to venezuela currency is 630 BsF, my salary is of 14800 BsF, 14800 BsF divided by 630 = 24.49 dollars, my salary per month in venezuela is 24 dollars.

Finally i hope you can help me to find a method that i can make money by internet.:)
Search on Google and you get huge links and ideas to how to make money on Internet.
You can begin with doing freelance work. Also try postloop(dot)com if you can write small posts on forums. You can Google about any topic they need you to write on and complete some daily tasks. You can easily earn $5 per day or two, which will at least begin you with something. Try that.

If you have any kind of skills, like php, html, css, JS, etc then you can try freelancing in web-designing.

If you can do some local marketing, then first see BHW's BST Section and see what services you can get and for how much. You will find wide varieties of services that you can sell to your local businesses for a handsome profit. That can easily take your freelance earnings beyond USD 100 per month.

Keep reading the different types of methods that are available on BHW and try them. Most wont cost you a single penny to try.

Begin with a clear mind and with no doubts or worries whatsoever. The mental setup is the most important part of any success. Just think positive and have a clear focus on your money-making career. Be happy!

Good luck, and God bless!

And, a hearty WELCOME! :)
Thank you all , :)

I have read all the comments, really thank you, now, the comment of srb888, i reading by parts, first i was read about postloop but i need have a good level in english and my english is regular, i am learning english in a institute in this moment, and i going to by the level 5 and it is 24 level in total.

I know do web page, but i live in venezuela, and i dont have dollars for pay a hosting, i can start with a hosting free, untill have the money for buy a hosting, but i dont know a good hosting free all the hosting that i have used fall me my web page or have limit of traffic. i did have a web page about videogame, never i was able to maintaing it, always it was fall.

I need can start make a little of money, for after invest but that is the point, how start since 0.

i repeat thank you very much to all by your help in this topic. :)
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If you can think outside the box then you're sure to get something that works. It's all about being different and finding something that works for you.
There are many ways to make money on the internet. In your case, English is your 2nd language, you have no money and no professional skill. Don,t think about the quick money. Just read as much as you can, you definitely get an idea to make money. Best of luck.
Spanish websites! Your language is Spanish, isn't it? Can you write good Spanish articles on the topics that are in demand? You can rank them for select keywords. You can get good hosting free of cost -- check some of our members' thread who are giving away free hosting and I have one of those which is quite good, their service is also good. For less than 2 dollars you can get a .com domain for 1 year. Build a Spanish site, and also try CPA network. There are plenty of ways for you even if you can't speak or write good English.

Just try to find what the local requirements are, and then you can still get their jobs done through our BHW marketplace, or from other sources. Don't make your English skills (rather the lack of it :)) a barrier. :D

Any other skills you have?

You can use xampp and design websites in localhost. Then you can take your laptop to the prospective client's site and show them your pro-quality site. :)

If he agrees to buy it,then you can easily buy whatever is required from the first installment you get from him. With a website, you can sell him hosting, graphics, logos, designs, SEO, articles, social web presence, e-com sites, etc, etc, etc... you can buy ALL those resources just from our BST service providers, and sell those to your local clients for a good profit! Advertise in your local newspaper/s about these services you can provide, but first do a proper research, read about those services, think how you can use them -- either solo or in combinations, and then take quotes (imo talk with the provider first and give him/her an idea about your own service for your locals -- may be some of them will give you a further discount :)) and TaT, etc. Work out how much mark up you can go with, then only give it a go!
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✍Hello manuelB, if you are a computer engineer you should be be creative/technical enough to make such ��cash from home with little or no investment.

I'm sorry for sounding this way, i'm just tired of hearing lamentation of people who cannot afford to make little sacrifice to get out of a self pitying condition.

Well, i suggest you start from ebay since you mentioned that you have a paypal account. then check out fiverr. you can do any micro job on this site for $5 or more.

Thank you man

Yes my native lenguaje is spanish, and yes newly i can write good in Spanish, now i ignored completely that had a service that offered domains for less than 2 dollars, can you help me to find it?. becaouse i am read in thist forum and dont achieve find it :eek:
Sir if you're really serious about Postloop then you should know that they have a 10 posts rule that will be evaluated under 24 hours. If you're English is not good enough they will remove you and you can't create another account.

They are going to evaluate based on proper grammar and correct capitalization and punctuation. Also they don't like short post, most of the registered members write in paragraphs.

I'm not saying forget about postloop but you should proofread before posting.
thank you for your suggest, i sorry if my post sounding how lamentation, but i am asking for suggestions to improve my economic status, i belive that there people that have problems too much that another.
and nothing cost give a hand or a suggest for help to a person. now if you are tired of hearing lamentation, i suggest that you lock yourself in a room out of the world, because the world is full of lamentation.

i repeat sorry for my english, and sorry for my history, but is my life ;) and thank you for your suggest i have been search more about the micro job with abey. The problem is my country, with the problems politic and economic, are few the companies for send to venezuela. i dont know if can you understand me, but dont there company of send free for venezuela, and the few that there are costly and in venezuela is really hard to get the dollars.

Right now venezuela and argentina are the country in American Latin, more dificult for live. venezuela most that argentina, soon venezuela will be as cuba that you will able to see to venezuelans going in boats to United State XD but Finally

Thank you man
$1 .com coupon

You will find something there! Be careful though... Godaddy will try to sell you lot of other services with the discounted domain. :D

Also, try to create a pro-quality website in xampp first. You can download the free wordpress there and install it. Then you can add as many plugins.

Think of which niche you want to work on. Do a survey in your local businesses, talk to some of them, and find out if they have a website.
Even if they have, it could be a messy one! Think of how you can do better. Also think of which BST services can be used (e.g., SEO, traffic, social networking, etc.). The see how you'll be approaching the business house and go there confidently with your demo site on a laptop.

Later the company can buy the domain, hosting, and everything else, or you can by those things, from the advance fees that they give you, and add a good profit margin.
Thank you man

Yes my native lenguaje is spanish, and yes newly i can write good in Spanish, now i ignored completely that had a service that offered domains for less than 2 dollars, can you help me to find it?. becaouse i am read in thist forum and dont achieve find it
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You are Computer Engineer, you can make thousands of money by doing Engineer related tasks on Freelancer, Odesh etc..
If you are planning to start Internet Marketing then at first read the methods posted here, try those methods and after few weeks/months you will start making $$$.
If you only need 20-30 US or even 100 US per month it's easy

Method 1

Register on social media for free (facebook,pinterest etc) grow your accounts
Register on clickbank for free (or other affiliate program) find a good product to promote
promote it on your social media accounts (try to avoid putting the direct affiliate link, find a way to change the link)
Even if you get your social media account banned just created an other one , it happens all the time
With clickbank you can find products with a commission of 20-30 US per sale, so if you make only 3-4 sales per month you are already at 100 US

Method 2

Register for free on rapidworkers, microworkers etc
and do small tasks to earn some cash

Alternative method

Register for free on ebay
Find furniture or any valuable objects on the street that people throw away (furniture, books, clothes, electronics, tv etc)
Sell them on ebay, you can get 5-10 US for a chair, 20-30 for a table etc, it's good money
Who knows maybe you can find very valuable objects and sell them for 100+ US
You're from Venezuela and you want to make money online... look into dropshipping section here... if u know what I'm sayin' ....
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