Who can scrape good targeted email lists (hopefully by demographics) PM me ASAP

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    I already do decent with scraping twitter using free tools like scraperwiki and several harvesting programs I've accumulated over the years, but would like a real pro, or someone who has a real good scraper I don't know about.

    Current scrapers don't do a good job scraping CL anymore w/ their recent changes, anyone got a good method for that? I've got a few that will pull a decent amount but not as thorough as some of the old harvesters used to work.

    Twitter, scraper wiki is pretty efficient for scraping by location but if anyone knows how to scrape more in depth then perfect.

    Also can't seem to find a good scraper for yellowpages/linkedin that is as thorough as I would like. Same for certain internet marketing forums and website marketplaces.

    If you've got good scraping skills, or tools please PM me and we can talk more about either me buying good lists or purchasing/renting your tools. Possibly a partnership in which u provide me good targeted lists and I give u steady affiliate that comes from those lists. I've got 2 machines running bulk mail campaigns all day long, need to keep them loaded. Mainly looking for small business and independent providers/artist leads.
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    I can write custom webcrawlers in python. If you are interested please message me :)
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