Who can install PHPList emailer on VPS server with ISPmanager 4.4 Lite

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    I need an expert with prior experience with PHPList emailer to perform the following tasks:

    1. Installation of the phpList software on my server - it's VPS in Russia, using ISPmanager 4.4 Lite

    2. Configuration of phpList within my server environment, such as identifying the database and mail server, the location to save the phpList files and configuration of the bounce process.

    3. Test all functionality of phpList installation.

    - Must screen record the whole process into a series of AVI files and describe exactly what you are doing in each one so I'll be able to view it later as learning materials.

    - Most importantly, make sure everything works flawlessly.

    Please PM me about your experience with PHPList installations and your fee. Please do not reply if you can't give me info about your experiences.