Whitespark: Is it a Scam, or What?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by B. Friendly, Jan 29, 2013.

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    EDIT*** Just realized this should have been in the Whitehat SEO section...

    Okay so today I fire-up Whitespark and begin to use it in earnest. I have the free version. Figured I'd get used to the GUI, do some general research of the niche before I purchased the software. With most of the search results "blurred out", the few that are left are either crap or are duh, no shit common "yelp.com" yeah duh no shit, and the few that are not crap or common the software says "please tell us the submit link" and then it gives you a place where you can paste the link to the site's submission page, if you find it.

    So I do this for a while, and then it dawns on me. Guess who's work I'm doing, for free, in exchange for diddly-squat?

    After a few hours, I realize that I've pasted more submit links into Whitespark, than Whitespark has given me citations. Since what I can see is crap, I can't help but wonder if what I can't see is also crap, and that I'll be paying Whitespark for the privilege of doing their work for them. And I wonder if they don't hand their customer's trash results in order to get them to find some way to submit, for example, if 5 consecutive people say they can't find a submit link, then Whitespark figures that there isn't one and stops putting that result up.

    Well fuck, Whitespark. I kind of figure that's YOUR fucking job. And now I'm not quite so hot for Whitespark. Let's just say the "spark" has died, and now my flame is starting to burn for Places Scout.