white or black hat?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by nickbeenz, Jun 8, 2009.

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    hey world! my first post!

    i've been floating around on these boards for a while now as a guest reading through everyone's tips and tactics and must say i've learnt a fair bit in regards to IM in the last few months!

    my question to everyone is this....

    i'm at the stage where i'm playing around with 2 websites, both of which i'd say are 50% complete.

    one's a whitehat personal finance bill reminder service (user: test, password: test)..... billsmoothie d0t com

    one's a blackhat autoblog which leeches techcrunch and the BBC's news feeds and puts them in to a sexy template (slow, be patient for it to load!)...... trolleyblog d0t com

    due to work commitments and my gen Y attention span, i've only got the effort to finish one site off in the next few months but where will the money be?

    basically, do people beleive there's more money to be made in a good quality whitehat product or a shit qality blackhat product?

    i hope i've made sense.

    also, i've got about 7 years experience in PHP development and recent experience in AJAX. i'm more than happy to help anyone with their scripting issues or to devlop custom scripts. PHP and AJAX combined are, in my opinion, 2 web developer essentials!
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    if you havent the time to support your white hat site i would hold off on it as not being able to support it will give it a bad rep which would suck if it is actually a good site, either wait to launch or sell it...

    since your blog is automated by the sounds finish that, figure a way to monetize it either through adsense or affiliate links, and then leave it i personally think you will need to optimize and promote it to make it stand out from the million of other blogs out there but its doable...

    then i would consider the skills you have and start creating tools that can be used to automate functions and help people with internet marketing...