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White hat VS Black hat

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by smash-wear.nl, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. smash-wear.nl

    smash-wear.nl Regular Member

    Jun 10, 2009
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    Search engine optimization can be performed on many different levels. At the technical level can be hard to conditions, from link building Get your many achievements but ultimately the most important part is "text". A website that performs well in the search engine results, more conversion gain than if they did not do. This makes it interesting aspect of optimization, a website under the "White hat" way we deal with optimization of a piece 'Black hat' at.

    White hat, the way of legitimate search engine
    White hat search engine optimization is a way to legitimate the traditional manner, in line with the requirements of Google. These rules of Google "Google's Webmaster Guidelines" indicate clearly what is and is not to optimize a website.

    Black hat, unethical search engine mark ting
    Black hat techniques which have a website soon high in the SERPs of search engines can be placed either in an unethical manner. You can think of things like;

    Keyword stuffing
    Hidden text and links
    Doorway pages

    Here are some ways to get high in the search engine to come, since the potential is therefore very high that the site eventually gets a Ban. Search engines recognize many of the Black hat techniques and that these websites will carry penalties. A lot would need to come see you again in the search engine results after 'Black hat' techniques is observed.

    what is your opinion

    and especially if you have a shop there and you family to maintain.
    and you can not afford if you get a ban

    How far can you go