Whitch ads can I put on my website??


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Nov 12, 2013

I have noob question (?)

I have my own website whitch brings around 2500-3000 daily visitors ( I don't know how to check how many of them are unique but I think around 90% ARE unique ) the niche is about game hacking - now my question is how can I monetize them? I'm affiliate with sharecash already and Im telling them to do survey to download my "hack" it is blackhat of course... I know that I can't put google adsense what about any other's? I already put amazon affiliate but I don't know if I can or will be banned for it .

So are there any other methods I can monetize them OR I can put any other ad's beside's google that will bring me some $$ ??
Simply you may try on gaming affiliate programs related to any affiliate networks except adsense, it doesn't matter because there are bulk of this type of websites existed on web.
and one more thing is your site is not Google account hacking site. It's just game hacking site, thereby you don't have to worry.
So simply, make money as other do.
go to addfreestats . com nice stats site signup and get code put ur code in to the site footer and get result very very excellent result i m using it last 6 years never had any problem
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