Whisky Bent and Hell Bound! Your Favorite Drink?


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Jan 28, 2009
What is you favorite whisky drink?

My favorite is my own homemade spirits. I distill my own alcohol and blend it to taste like apple pie... a 90 proof apple pie that is.
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I used to make my own beer until it got ruined once when the cooling/heating system went out for a week.
not whiskey, but trust me...

B&B Coctail

Made out of Benedictine and Brandy... Best drink you will ever have

Other than that

STROH rum shots :)
Vodka all the way!

Best for low-carb living.

EDIT: WTF is Whisky?
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There's a time and a place for whiskey. A cabin in Ruidoso, on the porch looking down the hillside, with a full moon above and fast-moving clouds, a 6-string guitar and a tupperware cup full of straight "Ol' Grandad's".

Otherwise I can't stand the stuff. I like a Sea Breeze, which is Vodka and Cranberry juice. And Harp and Bass Ale. And, if I'm in a really bad mood, some Guiness. Warm. It tastes like blood. American beer is for little girls and fairies.
Being raised in Alabama, I've seen and enjoyed my fair share of homemade spirits (of varying stages of legality and safety). :p

My favorite mixed drink with whiskey is definitely irish car bombs, very sweet and easy to lose track of.

bushmills bushmills bushmills damn it it's only wisky good :) after you have first bottle never will think to get other brand :X
Water! Really.

If it has to be alcohol I go for whiskey with ice and a Coke on the side because I get thirsty from alcohol :) Never mixed though.
Non alcohol - Grenadine and coke ,Was drinking this on the Royal carribean cruise trip i went on whilst playing basketball with some americans lol

Alcohol - JagerBombs , Stroh
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