which software can do forum topic blast,and which is the best

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    which software can do forum topic blast,and which is the best?thank you for your reply
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    Gsa ranker .

    You can get a new list in your niche they sell in the misc of this forum, you can add it to gsa ranker and blast all your new comments.......

    You can do this at home or use a vps of course a vps will be quicker.

    Gsa ranker got public proxies and they seem to be ok for posting comments , you might need a capcha program to create these accounts that gsa does for you ,that type of service is also offered on the misc of this forum.

    When you get a capcha service all you do is use gsa settings select the service and add your user name and password , it that easy.

    If you wanted a more robust program but has more functions but also does a lot more you can buy scrapebox

    Scrapebox is a internet marketers dream but it s learning curve, you have to watch videos free and learn there process, to post on the internet.

    Gsa a learning curve but built to spam but updated daily but also offers loads of other ways to post content ....

    If you need to save cash ,you might also like a capcha program to save on capcha money, you get , capcha snipper , or gsa capcha braker

    What happens you setup gsa ranker to fist check with a app if there any capcha can be solved and if not let the capcha service take over.

    Can save you a lot of cash especially if the capcha was simple the app can handle it and not credit from a captcha service.

    Good luck mate

    If you can buy them both woth every penny...
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