which service are good and buying views vs just putting backlinks social shares etc.

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    The first time I uploaded a video it was a fiasco as I just blasted a bunch of views at the started and then nothing happened after views stopped coming in. (my video didn't rank at all)be noted that I don't monetise and I'm not interested in monetising or putting ads on my account.so now after reading through this forum and stuff what I got was that it is best to first chose the right keywords and get drip fed views and then blast some backlinks and social signals etc.but I do have some other questions. Are social signals and backlinks alone sufficient to rank a video? I mean instead of buying views, is it okey to just blast some baclinks and social signals? What services do you guys use for backlinks and social signals for youtube? I was looking at some fiverr gigs but I donno if they're good.