Which ranks faster and easier? niche or amazon affiliate

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Rep0rter, Dec 13, 2016.

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    According to your experiences , which do you think is easier to rank? A micro niche blogging site or an amazon affiliate site?
    I am fairly new with the niche market but want your opinion according to your experiences as I have very little budget and kind of on the fence on these two.

    Any opinions and advice would greatly be apprciated.
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    Depends on a variety of factors:

    1. The Niche
    2. The site structure and speed
    3. The competition
    4. Your dedication and the quality of content.

    Any number of factors can influence sites ranking. It also comes down to how you plan to rank the sites. If you're building a site, don't think short term. Think longevity. Letting just search engine optimization be your point of traffic is putting your eggs in one basket so to speak. Not only that, but it reduces the likelihood of your business/website lasting long because search engines are fickle beast.

    The number one rule for you should be to diversify your traffic sources.
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