Which page would rank better?


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Jul 9, 2015

Suppose I am targeting a low competition keyword, keyword in quote shows just 4 competition.

Now, between these 2 pages, which would rank better.

1. a youtube video with the keyword in title.

2. A page on a pr4 domain, PA 36, DA 32, good backlink profile. The page will have linkback from homepage aswell. And the page will have keyword in title.

Between these 2 pages, which do you think would rank higher.

From the above options I would prefer the 2nd one. But still ranking a YouTube video is more easy but just a keyword in title won't even rank a video on YouTube. To rank video on google it will need some high pr backlinks and high retention views and likes.
First option is harder because the views are used for ranking results. Second option is more interesting and more actionable.
Easier to send none SEO traffic to number 1 and get results in a none SEO way as a result of better engagement in most niches (as video engagement is typically 40% better than text engagement)
However pure ranking? 2 wins by quite a long way.

The second option seems doable. You can rank using the site easily.
Why don't you just do both of them and find out which one works best and you can do that for future purposes.
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