Which page works best for Bing Ads + Clickbank product?

Discussion in 'Yahoo & MSN' started by freehealthylife.com, Dec 12, 2014.

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    I'm promoting CB products with Bing Ads using nake aff link but it won't work anymore. So I decide to give a try with landing page. But I'm a little confused about what is the best landing page to promote Clickbank product (the link will be putted in Destination URL)?

    I have 3 options

    1. A single page landing page which show visitors the features and testimonials of the product and have a big "Buy Now" button which leads to my affiliate link

    2. A multiple page mini site look like a blog which share some stories, or reviews about products

    3. A squeeze page to capture visitor's information and then send them some high quality content before sending them an email included my affiliate link

    Does Option #1 and #2 works? And what do you recommend (#1 vs #2 vs #3)

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    Use option 1 if you are bidding on product name keywords. Instead of a "Buy Now" button, use "Learn More", "Visit Site", "Free Presentation" etc.. kind of buttons though.

    Use options 2 or 3 for niche keywords. It's hard to say which of options 2 or 3 would be best (it may be different in different niches). I would recommend starting with option 2, but also incorporating an opt-in (offering a free report, mini course, etc...) on this MNS.

    Once you have gathered some data using option 2, test out option 3 and see how it compares.