Which Online Success Program Has Helped You?

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    Just doing a quick "survey" to find out which Online Success Program/s Has Helped You.

    The program/s should be delivered online or at least have an online presence. Hard copy home study courses mailed to your home but having an online presence can count too.

    Coaching / Mentoring courses or programs can of course be included.

    The programs should be ones that have helped you in areas such as:
    1) Personal Development and Growth / Self Improvement
    2) Wealth Building / Financial Success
    3) Relationships
    4) Personal Success
    5) Spiritual Growth
    6) Business Success (can be entrepreneurship, copywriting, marketing etc.)
    7) Career Success
    8) What did I leave out? :)

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could also post if there was an affiliate program tagged to the respective Success Program.

    Some examples of such programs include:

    Mark Joyner's Simpleology - Aff Program is available
    Banabu (managed by Nitromarketing, I believe) - Aff program
    Internet Marketing Program by Derek Gehl (previously belonging to the late Corey Rudl) - Aff program
    Nightingale Conant programs - too many to name - Aff program
    Joe Vitale's like Hypnotic Writing or his Coaching programs - Aff program
    Audible dot com's audio books - Aff program
    Tony Robbins' programs - Think there's an aff program
    Brian Tracy's programs - Aff program
    AWAI's copywriting workshops - Aff program is available but I think you need to apply separately, i.e. it's not a program open to all.

    Just setting a little thread to find out what's worked for you folks and of course, to also see how many of these programs use affiliates to market their programs.

    Thanks y'all :)

    Cheerio :)