Which one to go with in Senuke X?

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    Time...Time is on my side..
    Let me start off with that i am a noob to SEO...so there might be some ovbious stuff for some of you.

    But i need to give it a go, cause have to pay almost $1K out in the following weeks for some serious shit and my other moneymaker stuffs are slowed down drastically.

    Anyways, onto the questions. If it wouldnt work let me know lol.

    I will use facebook pages/notes as landing pages, as i read they can rank high fast for some keywords. And as i analyzed the competitors, they work well for them, and not a lot of people using them.

    I have about 300 seasonal long tail keywords, which i guess are competitive, but ill get traffic to there from some other sources too.

    So, the guestion, which part to use to nuke these landing pages? Use some of the simple premade templates and nuke them one by one?

    I need some advice for easy indexing these too...since i only use the Trial of Senuke X.

    I know there is a lot of great services on BHW who could do the job fast and good, but i have no money to spend, so i can use only the tools i have currently. (Senuke X Trial, Scrapebox, TheBestSpinner, maybe i can pick up a VenomSeoPro trial too)
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    I would recommend full monty,it`s pretty good but not the best one,i designed my template and it works very well,you should try to design one yourself.
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