Which offers work best with Blackhat Codebreaker (+get BHCB 5.0 before all others!)

Discussion in 'CPA' started by BlackHatCodeBreaker, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Hi guys,
    It's Brad from Blackhat Codebreaker, and if you're a BHCB or CPA Convert! user - I need your help. No worries - you'll get something in return ;)

    I'm about to launch BHCB 5.0 soon (lots of changes, with Geo Targeting arriving a few weeks later), and I want to update the monetization guide so that even noobs can start working on the right CPA offers right away, without the trial-and-error of choosing the right offer.

    1. My Question:
    Which offers, on which networks work best for you with BHCB and/or CPAC?
    Please give full details on the offers and networks. Although a broad "I use it on single field dating offers" is better than nothing - I really want to get as specific as possible, as in "My best offers are ABC and DEF on network XYZ. My conversions on them are usually over N%. Offer GHI on network UVW works well too. I use them on a multi-video site (movies - non porn)". That's an example of a very detailed answer, and if you can give the URL of a site that works for you - that would be great too (great - but not a must).

    2. Privacy:

    • You can either post on this thread, or send me by PM or email
    • As you well know, I do NOT collaborate with the networks. I will not pass your details to ANYBODY - network or other.
    • AGAIN - My lips are sealed. NOBODY will EVER know you PMed me.
    • And of course - no need to give your affiliate ID etc. - just the offer details.
    3. How will I use the data?
    Although I need the specifics to learn what works and what doesn't - I won't provide in the guide details of the specific offers - just guidelines on what kind of offers and what kind of content work best.

    4. What will YOU get from it?

    • You'll get lots of satisfaction from helping me
    • If you're a licensed BHCB or CPAC user, just PM me your PayPal email and I will send you V5.0 TWO WEEKS (maybe 3) before I launch it to the public.
    • If you're using an unauthorized version that you downloaded somewhere - send me the data and I'll upgrade you to an authorized V5 (+lifetime updates) for only $17. This non-profit price is WAAAAY less than the regular $67 price, and much less than any WSO I offer anywhere. And YES - you'll get the V5 two-three weeks before all others too.

    NOT trying to sell anything here! The offer for bootleggers is at a no-profit price - all I want here is the data.