Which of these VPS services would you rate?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by boothjul, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I've been running IM software on my 2 desktops & 2 laptops for a year now & it's very slow, takes up all my processing power & can't keep them running 24/7.

    What i was after was a VPS that comes pre-loaded with some juicey IM software (so i can scrap my SENukeX monthly fees), good processing power, decent connection speeds, where i can keep it running 24/7 & loads some of my own (not particularly aggressive) marketing software.

    OK, after research, i found the following VPS's that all come pre-loaded with the best marketing software anyone would ever ask for. I'm looking for any recommendations or experiences that people have had with the following to help me make up my mind (would also like to run my HMA VPN on the server):

    1) ExtremeSEOTools (Package No.2 - $49.99/month)Which of these VPS services would you rate?
    2) BlackCatServers (SEONovice package - $59/month)
    3) BHSVPS (The Associate package - $50) - although unsure whether they allow you to install own software on the server.

    Please let me know people, which ones you've had any experiences with, heard anything about or have any opinion either way.
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    I am also interested in Knowing what the fellows are using?
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    I would advise you to use your own tools with a fast vps. If you are looking for a high speed and quality VPS then checkout my signature.