Which Link Building Strategy Works the Best After Penguin

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by icashmumbai20, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Hi friends

    I after doing a lot of research I got these techniques from the web
    1. Money Site << Web 2.0 << Social bookmarks
    2. Money site <<Squidoo << Social bookmarks
    3. Money site << Unique Articles Submission << Social bookmarks

    I have alearned a lot of things from this Blackhatworld forum. Please BHW Friends Please help me on this

    Please let me which works the if u have used any of these strategy. Or share any better strategy which u have tested and have given u results.Hi friends
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    There is no single technique that will get you to rank #1.

    A lot of factors go into ranking. The keywords you choose, and even the niche you are in will play a significant role.

    The best way to develop a fool proof plan is by trying lots of things and seeing what works for YOU. Try everything. Diversify your link structure. Black Hat SEO requires a lot of work. After all, you are trying to "fake" a site's popularity to get it to rank higher. So you need to make it seem legit from all aspects.
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    Bookmark this thread to learn:) I'm not succes with SEO, even easy keyword:)
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    One thing make sure you try to use different keywords for the anchor text that is linking back to. And after penguin using the exact keyword will make it hard to rank and Google is checking for natural looking backlinks. In reality not every backlink will have the same keyword has the anchor text. so try using words like "click here, find here, this site, and etc along with other closely related keywords for the main keyword. If for example the main keyword is "advice on tax" then add some secondary keywords like "tax saving advice" "best tax saving method" "advice on tax saving funds".