Which is your best source of income


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Oct 29, 2008
Just wondering what works best for all BHW, people


well so far this year 250k on properties real estate, then spend the rest of my time watching porn spanking the monkey and reading new ways to make money on BHW. oh yea also post some things on how I made 500bucks in one hr so the newbs keep doing all the work for me, and figure out after reading a few post everyone doing the same thing opps gave out the secret.. but really use the search button b4 some mod rips you a new one for posting something that has been posted over a 1000 times and offers nothing to the forum.
SEO services and PPC campaign worked very well for me.
3 digit per month,
But i still learn to increase it to 4 digit.
Selling nuclear weapons from former soviet block countries to people who are a teeny weeny bit miffed with westerners for some reason:)
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