Which is better ? Spinner Chief Miracle thesaurus or TBS?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by NapsteR, Nov 10, 2011.

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    I want to buy miracle thesaurus in SC. But is it better than tbs? If some one already using miracle thesaurus in SC please share your review.

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    Ok, here's my brief review:

    SpinnerChief Elite (SE)
    + Cloud thesaurus is large but needs refinement
    + Plugins are included: e.g. KeywordChief, Content Hurricane
    + Can be bought for a one-off price
    - Miracle thesaurus is good, but still needs more work

    The Best Spinner (TBS)
    + Established product
    + Great thesaurus
    - Cannot auto-rewrite readable content

    Overall, I think SE is a good tool, it's on it's way to being a good auto-rewrite tool, but still needs more development. It still takes work to go through an article and rewrite it, so it is not a one push button auto-rewrite readable content tool.

    TBS is more established, with a good track record and a solid thesaurus, and has less features than SE. Based on this, I will stick with TBS, for now.

    (I own TBS and was given a trial run by a friend who owns SE).
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