Which is better, SEO or Google AdWords?

In real life if you consider SE as good source of the relevant traffic you can start with both.
First time you AdWords will work for you and approximately after 6-9 months your SEO will start working.
So by that time you will be able to start reducing AdWords.
In both cases you need to invest funds and time.
For me, Adwords is best for short term and SEO is best for long term. You need to check your priority.
Good question hard to answer.

I'll try my best.

Google indexing will also push you to other search engines to get seen free.

But bad side it all depends on your SEO skills.

Adwords is google but paid traffic, can start straight away and get traffic to a website/landing page.

But the bad part can cost a lot of money trying to get correct keywords to make money.

The problem with adwords is you need a really good amount of spare cash to do split testing, split testing is when testing keywords that get traffic but also convert with deals you added to the website.

If you go the free SEO traffic route or the paid adwords traffic route they all need knowledge or you can be wasting time and effort with an online business.

Gd luck

You can find tutorials on this forum and udemy and YouTube, I strongly suggest reading before losing time and money.

Adwords is traffic, but to get correct traffic to convert to money take design skill and good keywords.

A lot of people think adwords is just keywords and earn, that not true, a keyword is your bread and butter, so doing deep keyword research will help to get the correct keywords needed.

You need online tools.

I suggest.

Google trends <<<<< FREE
Internet in general on your niche <<<<< FREE
ahref <<<<< if can afford it to see what the competition doing.

there free stuff as well that might help, please look around...
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Adwords is more direct than SEO because you can create advertising campaigns almost immediately and start getting targeted clicks while using SEO takes more time (especially for new websites) to get good rankings and clicks.
The short-term solution may be gAds, but seo is more important in the long run. Because it's free.
I think OP asks conversion and ROI between the two.
For me, SEO is certainly better for conversion and ROI, as long as you can rank ur sites on the top positions.
However, SEO is much harder nowadays and not stable, and takes longer to rank.
Although AdWords costs lots of money, it can bring a quick result.

In my opinion, you should build ur website from an SEO perspective, no matter how u plan to market. You will benefit from SEO in long run.
There is no right answer. Depends from the goal, specific task, niche and resources that you have.

SEO - long term investment in your website and Link Building.
GoogAds - paid traffic.

It also surprises me a little that people use Google Ads without specifying specific types of advertising and tools. What exactly are you interested in ?
SEO is not that much rewarding now because you need to invest a lot. So better to lean advertising , make sure you master the skills before doing big budgets.
What sort of time frame are you referring to here? I'd imagine SEO is worth the investment if the site is going to be around for 5+ years
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