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    ok i am doing both mainstream and adult, just want to get a poll or something os which is better adult or mainstream, now i have found the mainstream u dont get alot of traffic but your conversion is better. an i think it has more to do with SE traffic and basically an SEO game... and adult however doesnt and deals with alot of recip links etc... some are not even concerned with on page SEO, and dont care about getting SE traffic... but it pays more on an average per product... now ive found and seen that click bank pays the most out of any affiliate i have found... please can anyone give me their insight on this i have not been doing this that long and i want to know were to concientrate my efforts at... both i have found r alot different but have some similarities... can anyone help with advice and input... i have 5 niche affiliate sites that im using google sniper technique seems to make the most since to me... and very easy to follow... then if this doesnt work well ill do the link wheel technique then keep on going... some of my sites i got high rankings on by using market samurai for research... like i said i rank high now i have to get lots of traffic so i can get sales...
    thanks in advance
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