Which is Better: Jewelry eStore or Jewelry Review Affiliate Site?

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    I'm torn between starting my own online jewelry retail business (selling through Bonaza.com), or running a jewelry/accessories review blog where I showcase cool items and provide my affiliate links for my readers to click and buy the items (therefore saving them the trouble of having to search around for unique jewelry).

    I think either could be profitable and I'm having a difficult time deciding. There are disadvantages to both approaches:

    The eStore requires more startup capital and some legal things. I have enough money for a humble start, which is fine with me, but I'm worried about spending a few hundred bucks, only to have the business fail within a year. It's also much more time-consuming and I will have more liability. I'd also have hundreds of online competitors to contend with.

    The affiliate/review site barely requires any startup capital, but it would take far longer for me to get to a decent income level with it, because I'd only be getting tiny affiliate commissions (I would not be reviewing high-end items). I'd still have hundreds of competitors to contend with, and I'd be at the mercy of the rules of the various affiliate networks and companies. However, this would be much less time-intensive.

    So, which do you think would be better for me to start up? I live in the USA and would be selling to USA citizens. I have a marketing plan already and it would work for either approach. I just don't know which of these two approaches would be the most sustainable, steady business.