Which indexer to get in Black Friday sale in 2023? (Does Omega Indexer Work Now?)


Regular Member
Jan 22, 2014
Hello, I'm looking into the BF sale that are going on for indexers, I see Omega Indexer with some discounts, does it work well at the moment?
Also there's Linkdexing that has a sale here in BHW which works fine. What are you guys using at the moment?
Hey, regarding Omega Indexer, I've had a mixed experience lately. It was solid a few months back, but recent updates seem to have impacted its performance. If you're considering it for the BF sale, I'd suggest waiting for some recent reviews or feedback. On the other hand, Linkdexing has been consistently good for my needs. It's not just about the discount, but also how well these tools adapt to the latest Google updates. Currently, I'm leaning more towards Linkdexing for its stability. Just my two cents from recent campaigns.
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