Which cache plugin would you recommend?

I don't think it matters if it's ecom or others, but for me LiteSpeed Cache has always been enough, so that's what I recommend. This being said, I really have not heard anything bad about the other caching plugins, it's just that I prefer LSC :)

So, it's up to you I guess...
Not a plugin but if you own the server, varnish cache will help you speed up your site by a lot.

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I have the Litespeed cache plugin + naemcheap webhosting their stellar busieness plan.
It make me sometimes crazy their overboarding setting dashboard.

I have one problem and not kno whow to fix it;

my website the first visit loads slow, second visit then loads fast.
Is there something wrong in my Litespeed cache sttngs ? Any tip ?
google.. they have an extension plugin on wordpress too :)) but i think it steers more towards your website audience or for your website traffic
Not found that google cache plugin :-(...

I not kno wwhat's wrong with LS cache in bing edge it takes 8 seconds to load my site a standard wp theme.
it loads in 3 seconds in Firefoyx and chrome for the first view, second view it loads in 1 second.

Better I delete that plugin, but without LS cache my google vital score for mobile is not at best, maybe at 78-83 ...and I have the highest namecheap business stellar hosting plan. I mean namecheap hosting is not so bad that it loads slow...

Any tip what could be wrong with my site/ LS cache plugin ?
I have dedicated ip and positive sll and I not want replace that with any cdn or cloudflare.
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