Which businesses to target for Google Places SEO service?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dantob, Dec 11, 2010.

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    I'd like to start offering Google Places service and optimization of these listings to local businesses. When I do search for local keywords and the listings show up in the SERPs I notice that some of listings that are in "A", "B", or "C" spots have not been claimed yet. So should I not go after these businesses to setup their Google Places since they already rank high there without them even claiming theirs or any optimization?

    So I guess my question would be which businesses to contact to start offering this service? Ones that don't show up in Google Places 7 spot at all....maybe the businesses that might have their site on bottom of page 1 or 2 with no listing in the "A to G" GP listings? What about the ones in the "A to G" listing that have not claimed their listings?
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    You should contact every business. You got nothing to loose and the best price always wins :p
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    I would definitely contact them if they have not claimed their business for a few reasons. One, if it is unclaimed, then it can be modified. That is a big motivator for the company if they understand the importance of being found on the internet and having their own information secure. Second, like you said, if it is ranking already, it is easier to claim it and then optimize it further and push for a 1 box or get it to show up for even more terms. And as mentioned above, the worst they can say is no so go after everyone. If they ones that are up there already don't care, there are others that will and you can replace them. If you are interested in selling pm me. We are looking for good people to sell local places seo to businesses.
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    Don't undersell your services though. I will often walk away when I find out they are balking at simple pricing as it shows that they probably don't have the budget for anything else.

    I actually invest in longer sales cycles and have a few businesses that are $10k+/year for SEO each.