Which BST has worked the best for you?

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking over the BST and there are just too many for me to pick from. I try and cut it down to 5-star rated threads (which may or may not be accurate) but that still leaves me with a lot of threads, all seemingly offering 'huge SERP increases'.

    Can anyone who has recently used a BST name it here, if it worked well for you. Please no self promotion, I just want to see which gigs returned real results.

    I have some 'local' sites coming up that I want to rank.

    Hopefully the good ones are not those "1 URL 1 Keyword" types of BST's as I don't want to piss Google off with a very bad anchor profile.

    Let's see where this goes!
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    Please note that with all the ongoing dynamic changes on the Internet many of the BST gigs work well initially then - stop working effectively due to the Net changing.

    So yes there are great methods in the BST but selecting current ones that work or old established proven ones is probably the best way to go.

    There is an easy way to check if the BST gig is still all ok - check the latest posts for feedback
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