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    Hi.. this is my first to post a new thread since am a noob on this forum...I have my first project on SEO and I have a client who's wanting me to help him rank a certain keyword.. I am happy to say that his keyword is ranking a bit high (of course because of some help here at BHW). I am just wondering which browser (firefox or chrome) has an accurate SERP result for a certain keyword.. I have one keyword rank number 1 (low competition) on firefox but when I check his keyword on chrome (still #4) - nothing changes.. Any idea?
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    The more you search from your IP Google begins to skew results. It's done intentionally to throw off SEOs. Check from private proxies and look into Advanced Web Ranking. It's pricey, but is consistently the most accurate software I've used in the last 6+ months.

    My other favorite tools are:
    www.serpbook.com <-- buy Lanbo here on BHW (see BST) - Best Web Based

    I also really like Rank Tracker Enterprise by Link Assistant. #2 desktop based
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