Where would you begin (Educational site Senior Project) Current ranking: 0/NA

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    I have read so many SEO articles that I feel my head is going to explode. I'd like some direction on what to do with my site. I will do my best to research and change things from their. :)

    The site needing help
    it is a math site. :p

    From what I've read I should be:

    1.) Get incoming links (Seems hard for a Statistics educational site)
    2.) Combining Definitions and Formula sections with 301 redirects. (Though this is suppose to be a quick reference educational site, making this counter intuitive)
    3.) Change the 401 errors in Google webmaster panel with Google redirect.

    I think I am getting hit for thin content, although it might be getting hit for no links? I hope I don't need to combine definitions with formulas, I was making this site with mobile compatibility in mind. SEO isn't a huge portion of my grade, but it the only portion I'm failing. This thin content thing seems to go against what I would want from a quick reference math site.
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