Where would I put some cool free tools?

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    depends on what's needed
    You know how we see something cool & it's free - for example - have you noticed the new "crazy looking words" that are now showing up on new sites in all different colours/sizes etc...... Well, I found a site where you can create them & wanted to pass it along - just to allow ppl a little more "creativity". But I don't want to "break any rules" and I don't see a place where I can put that type of stuff.

    If it's not something of value to ppl here I won't bother. I just thought they were cool looking & maybe someone would like to use them. I did a search here and they're not listed so I'll add it somewhere if I can.

    Just a thought.......

    (These are tools to help create a really up-to-date looking site ----- not bh stuff)
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