Where to trade/sell/what should I do with a copy of TBS (8 months left) That I do not need

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    Dec 20, 2010
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    Long story short I had used a trial of TBS back 4 months ago, got everything I needed done on it in that time. Thought I had cancelled before the week ended but apparently when cancelling another active subscription today there it was and I was already charged the $77 for the year 4 months ago (lots of activity at that time so missed it). Have no use really for it, wondering if there's a specific place I can sell it discounted, trade it for something I may be able to use or what I should do with it. Don't really know, so if you have any ideas I'm open, if nothing else I'll give it away or something. I tried to see if the forum rules said anything but couldn't find a mention of asking for advice on ideas of what to do with software so if against the rules, I apologize and please take down.

    Thanks everyone.