where to sell ebooks software in all catigories

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    hello guys

    anyone could please tell me where to sell ebooks and softwares in all catigories? other than clickbank and ebay

    anyone know some free website with huge traffic that buy and sell ebooks and softwares?

    please anyexperience any help

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    Hello well, there is always the choice of _click2sell.eu/ they pay out in various currencies via paypal or moneybookers. They help the vendors more than any company as well as have no start up fees. There are multiple ways you can use their service as in setting uop your own affiliate program with their platform, granting you the right to use their marketplace but have you manage the chargebacks, frauds and payments to affiliates, and even the traditional option; having them do everything for you while maintaining great relationships with vendors, affiliates, customers and most importantly, payment processors. A great thing they established is, they take 10% of any money and put it into a fund for 6 months, to protect you from any chargebacks or fraud that may occur. After the 6 months the money is distributed to you. That is very good because you don't have to expect a negative balance if such shall occur. I hope I helped you and I wish you great luck for selling your product, service, or whatever endeavor you wish to choose.


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    To sell any kind of downloadable digital goods such as, e-books, PLR's, pdf files or anything you want, there is only one free website i know, and it is BidLoadz It has fully automated delivery system also. Just give it a try. I
    guess it is forbidden to give direkt link to websites here so you can search for BidLoadz in Google