Where to place offer link/ad in video?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by cazzina, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Dec 25, 2012
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    I got another question..
    Where do you place your offer link and the Call to action in the video?

    I'm producing some videos in the niches music, celebrities and fun and sometimes I really don't know where to place the ad.
    At the moment I do it like this:

    - For music (Where the music counts and not the video: I put a slide with the link and the "Click now bla bla" also in the video (shown like 2 times during the video)
    - For anything else: I just add 2 annotations in the video with the offer link and a "Win now bla bla"
    - Then I put the offer link in the first line of the video description, in the second line again something like "Win now bla" and in lines afterwards a short description to the actual video.
    Is that too much?

    Also, for email submits which promise a gift card to the user, are you promoting it as 'Get a free gif card' or as 'Win a gift card'? The first one sounds even more like scam I think.