Where to pitch new ideas to bloggers


Jan 3, 2016
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I create free online tools, which need to be reviewed/examined by others. Ideally, it is a blog post as an independent person describes the features and weaknesses of the service.

Instead of randomly contacting bloggers (which is annoying), I look for a place to pitch the idea to see if any blogger is interested to write about it.

Is there such a website?
Try HARO it can be beneficial for you, you can find famous authors there, which will bring traffic to your blog easlily.
So you wanna promote your tool or looking for feedback. Whatever it is, just reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask for what you want.

You may also try FB groups.
you can use HARO. It provides opportunities for exposure online on highly reputable sites, boosting SEO and updates regularly.
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