Where to park your $$$ as a n00b?


Nov 16, 2009
OK, so I have some ideas for blog/page/ads*nse stuff as well as a couple ideas for making some commissions as an internet marketing affiliate.

Before I start building pages and link wheels etc. i want to get a good online banking system set up as a landing spot for my earnings.

There has to be something better than g.aypal out there for sub-$10k amounts.

(Of course eventually I will probably get checks in the mail at my residence, and hopefully I will get payments large enough that they will be wired to my bank of choice. I plan to at that point put them in the bank and report those earnings. I'm i the states, know not to f-k with the IRS, and even the BH stuff i plan to do is not illegal.)

I know most n00bs use g.aypal, but i dont want to for a few reasons.

back in college i used to sell stuff via e.gay. stuff i never saw. basically dropshipped goods.

g.aypal and e. gay let me make a bunch of cash for a few years (and i gave them their cuts) but after a while i got the banhammer from both at the same time...not long after e.gay bought g.aypal. yeah, i could have made an alias or something but e.gay's policies changed. they werent into what i was doing anymore, and their fees and the fees of their now-affiliated payment site went through the roof.

Now I have a ban at e.gay. g.aypal, and ads*nse.

Any advice?
Thanks in advance, there's so much info in these forums.
ads-nse payments and commissions from IM can be 'directly deposited' into a netspend account? if so i did not know that.
ads-nse payments and commissions from IM can be 'directly deposited' into a netspend account? if so i did not know that.

I thought you could wire though, it is crazy and out of the way, but hell, to each their own.
@lex haha! cool. i just figured some sort of intermediary was a must.

@clopper right on, i just figured the cost of a wire would be prohibitive as a mass payment method for affiliate accounts. i have much to learn.
You have to remember that you need to earn the money before you can spend it, it's harder than you think to start making it. So get studying and start getting creative and best of luck!
Yeah, wire expense can really start to add up, even if you get to the point where companies start to shoot you weekly wires. It's usually around $30 per wire, and 52 weeks in a year x $30 is $1,560 that year in wire fees alone, for one company.
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