Where to invest?


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Oct 15, 2009
Well i am thinking to invest 50$, can anyone tell me where should i invest them to increase my cash?
Depends on what ur promoting as well..

But for 50 bucks best bet is PPV sites like zango(leadimpact now) and linksador the only 2 i know of that u can start with 50 bucks, TV is i think now a grand and mediatraffic is now 200 but not sure on that one..

Adwords i think u can start with 50 and yahoo as well but ur CPC will be sky high unless u know what ur really doing with keywords..
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Well i want something like stock trading or anything else.... my cash is in paypal.

You want to invest $50.00 in stock trading???

Penny stocks? Ur trade fee will be $25.00

plus ameritrade and etrade u need $2500 to set up your account..

Go to a sports betting website and set up an account with your $50.00 bucks and bet on tonights NBA games or college hoops and that is about the same gamble as u throwing it away on some stocks, these days any how.

$50 bucks is not a investment to turn into a pile of money it should just stay in your piggy bank.
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