where to get somewhat youtube videos?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by tonlilaz, Sep 16, 2008.

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    i'm not sure if this is a question of just me thinking out loud....

    so i uploaded my first original youtube 'commercial' the other day for one of my aff. sites. it was nothing more than a slide show of the products my site promotes. I was thinking how nice it would be to upload somewhat original content...since they get more views, or so has been my experience.

    I know a lot of people recycle youtube vids and re upload them, but is there a place you can just get viral videos ...like a library of videos you can use/edit and upload on to youtube.....or is the only solution for ppl w/out video content to contribute to just recycle existing vids?

    i've recycled media clips off of youtube and the major networks sites, i've been thinking about ways of getting original vids..or vids that are not all over the net.

    * way back in the 80s i used to have one of those giagantic satellite dishes where you could get live feeds from different networks...but i don't have those anymore.

    * then i was thinking about just dvr'ing different shows and clips then processing them on my laptop.

    * i could take 3 or 4 different existing video clips and edit them together...that would be somewhat original....wouldn't it?

    * maybe it's time for me to get a camcorder...but i live in the most boring place in the world, nothing great happens here

    i don' t know...any ideas on where to get somewhat original viral clips ?

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    Looking for innovation? Do it yourself! The important thing with marketing your new product if first impression. First impression is always what counts the most. If you screw up in the beginning, you'll have a hard time pushing your product through the mass because it will already be forgotten.

    Never copy someone or something and never ever do something partially, either do it or don't! Don't take this personal, I'm just trying to help. Your slideshow video probably sucks although I haven't seen it. You can't throw some pictures together and hope it's going to be huge, you need to make people say WOW and you can only do that by showing them something they haven't seen before.

    First impression on Youtube is important because newly added videos have higher chance of getting on front page aka "Featured" if they get enough views in the start so don't hesitate to spend 20$ for couple of tens of thousands views because once it gets popular, things will continue to go their way.

    If you're launching a product don't cry over few bucks, pay someone to do the job like it should be done and sleep well through the night. We had to read a book back in high school with the title "Happening in town Gogy". The author describes a town where nothing happens and their inhabitants wait each say for something spectacular not knowing that things are happening all the time around them. It's not about what you can't do, it's about what you can do. Always take the positive out of your situation.

    I'm not a video editing/motion graphics guru, I'm really starting to learn and discover new things, but if you need help or need any ideas/tips don't hesitate to PM me or ask here.