Where to get comments base?

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    Dec 17, 2013
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    Hi people,

    I'm interested in comments list (base). Something like

    I've read about it, but thanks anyway. 
    Interesting, but I would like to know more about it. Like! :-) 
    Keep up the good work! It's exciting! 
    Just can not understand how frequently updated blog? 
    Yeah, now it is clear ... And then I just did not understand where is the connection to the name ... 
    Thank you, very interesting article. 
    Post brought upon reflection. I left thinking ... 
    I did not understand, but I'll try to master. 
    Thank you, very interesting article. thank you! 
    Thank you for an interesting idea
    Where to get such base? I would like base with 5000+ comments. I can't find it in Google.