Where to get bulk 'quality' backlinks from? (Scrapebox vs Outsourcing)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ghoast, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Okay so my provider of 'quality' backlinks (mostly blog comments on pages with low OBL) has shutdown and is no longer accepting orders..

    This leaves me with a gap that I need to fill.

    Do you know of any good providers of quality backlinks?

    I'm also seriously considering buying scrapebox - can this still be used effectively? I need around 50k + blog comment type backlinks - is this something I could fairly easily put together using scrapebox or would it take a bit of figuring out? I'm extremely busy and normally I outsource this type of work so I don't want it to become a big project!
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    Scrapebox is still very useful, though I wouldn't call the links you get from SB 'quality links.' What most people do is create a bunch of sites on web 2.0s, or self host a bunch of sites, and then use tools like SB and Xrumer and so forth to make those links powerful. If you're wanting to just get blog comment then SB can do that just fine.
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    Quality backlinking takes a lot of time even when you have great tools like Scrapebox. Do you have time to spent? If not look through BSTs on this forum and you will probably find a nice service.


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    So, yeah like niggy said SB links can't be really considered "quality" but they still have an impact and help for your rankings. You have to chose the right way to use them and they will work fine for your site.

    If you want quality links you have to start creating blogs on the web 2.0 platforms with interesting unique content on a large volume.

    You can hire someone to make accounts for you on a specific list of blog platforms and start to post on with them. Make the blogs thematic with your site and post only 1 link per article.

    Also you have to diversify your backlink profile with more anchors and more sources. You can't build links only from comments. This doesn't look natural.

    In order for your link building to be successful you have to create a whole strategy with at least 5-6 different types of sources for your links.