Where should i register my company? plz suggest!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by berrycorp, Feb 5, 2009.

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    hi... i was planning to enter the VOIP business and am investing quite a considerable sum.

    VOIP just got declared illegal in the country i am currently staying in... so i cant use my normal company to run that business.

    I dont need it to be anonymous or anything. i pay my taxes properly. i just need the company so that i can raise bills on that company name and the new country address. so that i am not put in prison for not following the laws of the land.

    i consulted with my lawyer today and he said i can set up the company as a subsidiary of my core company and run it sitting in the country i am presently in and not get sewed for that!

    now all the payments will come in online accounts so i don't need to worry about somebody running with my money!

    but i need to filing to taxes etc to be easy! and also i would like the country to have low taxes! + i dont want to visit that place every now n then.. i want everything to happen online!

    any suggestions on country and any trusted place where i can order a company?

    n the turnovers will be in considerable amounts so i need it to be a trusted source!

    i was thinking maybe Singapore... any suggestions?