Where shall I start???


Dec 15, 2008
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Hi I'm new to this way of making money. I was wondering where and how should I start?
You are at the right spot. Try to read the thread at this section. Find the most suitable for you. Implement it, and you might find that the method is working or not.

Good luck!
Well here is a thread for people asking where should I start:
Answer: Read the above thread and start in the 'Money making section.' ;)
No disrespect, but when I first came to this forum I read exhaustively...why don't you try that before you just come in and ask where to start? If you are that hungry to make money online then take it upon yourself to learn...don't ask others to lead you down the path. Giving help is one thing, holding your hand while you are too lazy to look around on your own is another. Again no disprespect, but these threads have popped up everyday for a month in one form or another.
Best thing is read every single type of method out there on this board..

then check all the other sections..

then after you have a better understanding of whats around pick your main method.

after that learn more on ur method and implement fast.

dont forget to check if you hiding yourself if your blackhating!
browse through the different forum sections and look at some ebooks provided here. even though alot of ebooks are crap in my opinion, there is always atleast one thing you can learn from them.

dont expect someone to feed you all the information, but learn yourself and you can develop a few skills. when i first came to this forum, i was making such little money. overtime, things start to click and you start to learn a few things here and there. Dont be afraid to try out new methods you see.

hope you enjoy the forum!
remember: BHW is a tool, not an instruction manual. It's like a shovel. But you gotta teach yourself how to dig the hole. Unless you pay some1 to teach you..

Sorry that simile was kinda whack. I'll try to tone it down next time.
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