Where is the point of buying FB PVA accounts???

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    Friend Requests and Messages Blocked for 4 Days
    To prevent you from contacting people against their wishes, your friend requests and your ability to send messages to strangers have been blocked for 4 days. 
    Friend requests are more likely to be accepted when you send them to people you already know, such as classmates, friends, family and coworkers.
    If you use Facebook to communicate with strangers, they have the option to report that they don't know you or to mark the communication as spam. If this happens repeatedly, you could be viewed as violating Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
    So where is the fcking point to be Phone Verified if such things happen? And thats on my own profile, about a year old, using my own IP daily, inviting friends from my own country, and am not having more than 100 friends at the moment.
    So tell me guys, there is the point in buying PVA accounts from You (had a thought about that before) if I even can't master my own one without problems???????

    And I had this problem before, this ones the second time, only the previous time they blocked my acc for less days.