Where Is The Best Place To Go To Get A Professionally Written Ebook?

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    I'm looking to have a self-help ebook written in the relationship and dating niche.

    It's important that it's written by a native english speaker and someone thats able to do research on the issue properly.

    The book would be somewhere between 50-70 pages long.

    Where is the best place to go? odesk or elance or where do people think? I've never had an ebook written for me. I've written several myself and I just can't bring myself to write another one.

    I'm not looking for a cheap ebook writer, i'm looking for a decent writer and a decently written ebook.

    Any advice for a newbie? Thanks. Any idea on how much do you think i should be paying?

    The book will be approximately 20,000 - 30,000 words. Please email be with quotes for this. Thanks.
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    You can go to the sources you cited. I have written 8 e-books under pseudonym, can provide samples, will PM.