Where is that thread which taught us how to get free Unique articles


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May 22, 2010
I just saw in the evenin and now its disappeared.Can someone digg it up?
Or has Mods deleted the thread?
Either it was deleted for various reasons, or it was moved into the jr.VIP or exec.VIP zone, depending on how valuable the information was that was being shared in the thread!
Never saw the thread so I don't know where it went, however you can create free articles with Spinblitz.

It creates unique spintext articles which get stored in your account on their server.

The output can be in several different formats like .txt, .html, SENUKE, LFE or PLIGG, which saves you hours of copying.

The latest version has 2 Wordpress posting functions.

Then you can choose to post either POSTS or PAGES, selecting how many "spun articles" to post, over what period and what frequency.

The default is 20 over 60 days, giving you a nice drip drip of unique readable articles with random on topic embedded images.

You can try it out free at : http://www.spinblitz.com
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